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Due to COVID our studio services are limited to digital delivery Mastering.  Live recording  and  tape transfer or delivery is offline for the moment.  If you have a custom project it will be  handled by our mastering engineer on a one on one basis. We understand many artist and producers are greatly affected and so for a limited time…

We have reduced our mastering prices.

Groovelabs mastering cares about helping you succeed with a world-class sound approach. We offer various types of mastering  delivery mediums to fit your needs and genre. We can help you achieve the proper level and balance for your mix. Please select a service type to get started.

STEREO file Mastering Starting at$120 Now $68 per track

Submit a Stereo master file to give your track clarity, punch and sheen for public consumption. We can master to any level you require or meets custom standards.

Typical submission format:  Wav/Aiff files in 48k/24 bit or better. Remove any limiters or processing on your master Chanel.


Select your delivery in one or more mediums. After selecting your primary delivery you can select additional delivery mediums.

WHAT YOU GET (Digital Delivery WAV file Includes one MP3 HD Reference.)

HD MASTER 48k/24 bit master(-16-15 LUFS)

Ideal for music licensing, video work or general HD master.

  This is a general all purpose cost effective master that can be transcoded by you or other facilities to good quality formats in a pinch (or on a budget) .  Use this when you need an all purpose pristine master to do your own transcoding to various formats or when submitting to distributors that will automate the final delivery for you using their own normalizing and downsampling algorithms to deliver to stores. Currently its the safest all around choice for most online distribution.  Also used  licensing or video work it seems to be the most requested standard so far from online licensing firms.

CD MASTER. 44k/16 bit  WAV mastered to CD LUFS level

For CD mastering preparation. We master your single track for CD assembly by you, or if you need a DDP file for plant delivery please submit all tracks for processing and alternatively select this feature in your order.

Vinyl Master 48k/24bit processed for rumble  and tracking  separate L/R files.

Stay as close to the original master  with only minor adjustments at the pressing plant.

its best we do the prep and they do final minute touches to preserve the original sound. If you already know your pressing plants delivery needs send them to us .

Streaming/Web Platforms  44k/16bit  in 14-16 LUFS LEVEL

This is a general Web streaming master is delivered Great for Tidal, Spotify and iTunes.


Why does your club or festival DJ sound So great? We frequently get DJ’s  who purchase a hot master for their release tracks or sets for club or festival use . We pay close attention to dynamics and stereo fields  for consistent sound on these  venues.

CUSTOM MASTER any digital file format and LUFS level

Tell us what you want to achieve.  We will make it so. Just tell us on in your delivery the SAMPLE RATE / BIT DEPTH and LUFS level. If you dont know what level it should be just tell us what your application  will be and we will make it work for you.

#dancemusic, #techouse, #nightlife, #progressive, #edmlife, #housenation, #tommorowworld, #ultramusic
#dancemusic, #techouse, #nightlife, #progressive, #edmlife, #housenation, #tommorowworld, #ultramusic
#dancemusic, #techouse, #nightlife, #progressive, #edmlife, #housenation, #tommorowworld, #ultramusic
#dancemusic, #techouse, #nightlife, #progressive, #edmlife, #housenation, #tommorowworld, #ultramusic

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